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Kosovo Maarif Schools

Kosova Maarif Schools

Kosova Maarif Schools

The fundamental role of the teacher is to provide suitable ground for student learning and orientation. From this point of view, Turkish Maarif Foundation benefits, in educational activities, from competent teachers who have pedagogical qualifications, who love to teach and learn, who realize the importance of their own actions and who belongs to an exemplary character in their entourage.

In recruiting educational staff, the Foundation uses the qualification certificate for the teaching profession as a reference and considers criteria such as pedagogical training, domain knowledge, knowledge of the foreign language, knowledge of general culture, the ability to communicate, the awareness of history, the awareness of culture and the openness to scientific and technological developments.

The Foundation takes great care of the professional development of recruited teachers. As a result, Maarif teachers periodically receive on-site or at distance education, provided by technological tools, subject-related continuing education such as domain knowledge, effective teaching skills, psychological counseling and guidance, communication with parents and students, multicultural education and 21st century skills. In order to ensure positive relationships and effective communication between the teaching staff, the Foundation regularly presents teachers several courses related to Turkish language and local languages.

The Foundation cooperates with higher educational institutions in Turkey and in various countries to develop academic and professional pedagogical frameworks.

The Foundation deeply respects the personal rights of its educational team and strives to maintain their morale and motivation.

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