Successes in the International STEM Olympiad

Successes in the International STEM Olympiad

We are returning from Paris with an extraordinary success for our team and all of Kosovo.

We are among the countries that won the most medals and prizes in this Olympics.

In the science category, we managed to rank second worldwide in the 'Best Of the Best category' with the student Kushtrim Kajoshi.

In the coding category, these students from Kosovo were decorated with medals:

-Ron Shllaku -Gold Medal

In the science category:

- Emir Lezi - Gold medals

- Erta Tejeci - Silver medals

- Fatbardh Mulaku - Bronze medals

In the mathematics category:

- Ron Shllaku -Gold medals

- Kushtrim Kajoshi - Silver medals

Watch the show: BON BON RTV 21.

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